In our business known as "SUPERPOBYT" or "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" we have prepared the following conditions as additional supplementary information on the protection of personal data in accordance with the duties and obligations which are relevant to the protection of the good morals of our business which is linked to separate independent business entity such as company UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o. and company call DEMDERAW PRO LTD.

The following part of the conditions contains a contextual part that discloses information and establishes the protection procedures for data, statements, collection, and dissemination of information about our company, where each independent business entity acts individually with the same general terms. All other business policies, information or data published for the public are strictly part of the valid business cover and apply to them both equally.

Using documents, information, data, images and pages that belong to our brand name know as "SUPERPOBYT" or "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" are the services provided and related to them is considered as acceptance of the contract and will be subject to registration as well with the user. At the same time, you also consent to the following principles on the protection of personal data but also with respect to all our business policies where you accept this act in every way, and you will not misconduct data or mislead this information for your benefit which is relevant to travel and tourism.

If you do not consent to these principles, you are not authorized to use verbal expressions, names, business entity or other expressions that could be inappropriate, disrespectful, harmful, damaging to credit to our business or could be also manipulating information content for our brand known as "SUPERPOBYT" or "SUPERPOBYT Travel" or would give rise to a dispute for companies which provide support to our project development growth from all legal aspect are recognize as "UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o.", "DEMDERAW PRO LTD" or otherwise be related to them including majesty service.

By using the services or trademarks which are part of the company UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o. or DEMDERAW PRO LTD you must consent or accept the User Agreement and also agree to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, you must not use the services or trademarks which are associated with the company UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o. or DEMDERAW PRO LTD. The terms "We", "Us", "Our", "UNISOL SLOVAKIA", "DEMDERAW PRO", "SUPERPOBYT" or "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" which also include our genuine and unique organization called "U FOUNDER" and approved affiliates partners link to them for better recognition at the public market.

1. Privacy Data Statement ( Brazil )

The following notice on the protection of personal data for users located or living in Brazil supplements the information contained in the principles and provisions on the protection of personal data of UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o. and the company DEMDERAW PRO LTD which are responsible for online service provided underneath the business trademark known as "SUPERPOBYT" or "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL", which exclusively applies to visitors, customers and other users residing in Brazil ("consumers", "operators" or "you").

The Notice has been prepared and adopted in accordance with the Brazilian Data Protection Law Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (Law No. 13,709/2018) (“L.G.P.D.”). All terms contained and defined in the terms of L.G.P.D. have the same meanings as used in this statement.

2. Obligation to Protect Personal Data

The company UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o. and the company DEMDERAW PRO LTD. take a responsible approach to services provided via the business trademark "SUPERPOBYT" or "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" and take into account the protection of personal data, as well as your online privacy. One of our basic values of cooperation from the beginning has been and always will be the safety of your privacy, including the protection of personal data.

3. L.G.P.D. Law on Regulation

In our company, you also have the right to ask us for confirmation or another type of confirmation about the existence of its subsequent processing of your personal data

  • a) You have the right to access the personal data we hold about you, as well as information about how we use it and with whom we share it, including information about any public and private entities with whom we have shared your personal data. Most of this information can be checked on your account dashboard and related products/services you have purchased from us.

  • b) You also have the right to correct incomplete, inaccurate, or out-of-date data. If you want to correct or modify any data we store about you, you can contact us so that we can make the appropriate changes on your behalf and with your personal consent.

  • c) You also have the right to anonymize, block or delete unnecessary or redundant data or data that is not processed in accordance with the LGPD.

  • d) The right to transfer data to another provider of services or products through an explicit request must be reported in writing to the operator who stores or otherwise collects personal information that was provided based on the use of services or services.

  • e) As a user or applicant who no longer uses the services of our company UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o. and the company DEMDERAW PRO LTD which uses services of trademark "SUPERPOBYT" or known as "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" has the right to delete personal data processed with the consent of the person concerned. The right to the following changes is possible to ask our administrator or company representative for the permanent deletion of your data, subject to certain exceptions, which are kept from the point of invoicing or other records such as a tax document. The subsequent establishment or exercise of this right may result in the suspension or interruption of the provision of services and is also governed by legal and/or contractual instructions for keeping it on record.

  • f) At the same time, you have the right and the right to information about the possibility of not giving consent and about the consequences of refusal. In this provision and right, you can ask us for information that arose on the basis of not granting consent to the processing of your personal data and about the consequences of such a refusal on our part.

  • g) As an applicant or user, you also have the right to withdraw your personal opinion or consent that you yourself have expressed to our company.

4. Data Rights, Transfer and Deletion

In order to exercise your data transfer or data deletion rights, you must send us a verifiable source of information or a consumer request that would verify its identity or originality. Information can be sent via electronic communication to the following address:

Inquiry emails can be sent to following address info@superpobyt.org or office@unisol-slovakia.sk

Before processing your request, we will need to verify your identity and the trustworthiness of the information that you yourself have sold to us for processing. A verifiable request by an applicant, user, or consumer must contain the following:

  • a) It is necessary to provide sufficient information that will allow us to adequately verify that you are the person about whom we collect personal data, you are yourself or the information that you have provided us for processing has been sold to authorized persons who are authorized to fully represent you in the processing of legal acts.

  • b) The description of your request must contain sufficiently detailed information about you and its specific purpose so that we can properly verify and evaluate it and at the same time be able to send the required notification.

Submitting a verifiable application that has been verified by the notary office of the Slovak Republic or the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom does not require any other specific verification in our company UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o. or DEMDERAW PRO LTD but you still might be asked to create an account with us if you wish to use our online services under following trademark known as "SUPERPOBYT" or as "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL". We will use personal data provided by you in a verifiable consumer application only to verify the identity of the applicant or his authorization.

In the event that we cannot respond to your request or provide you with the personal data you requested, it is more likely that your request, identity, or authorization could not be verified, so our company reserves the right to only send informational understanding.

Applications Process

We aim to respond to your verifiable consumer request within 15 days of receiving it, but no longer than 30 days. If you are currently using our offer or services, you must give away or deliver to us the necessary written response exactly as stated in the following provision which complies with the company UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o. and the company DEMDERAW PRO LTD which operates online services under following trademark known as "SUPERPOBYT" or as "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL"

We will generally deliver your written response or notification to your request by post or electronically. This decision is solely at your discretion.

The response we provide will contain or otherwise explain the causes and reasons for which it is not possible to comply with your request. We do not charge any other fees for processing or for drawing up a notice at the consumer's request.

Information and Content Update

We reserve the right to change the provisions, principles and definitions of trademark identities relevant to our informational source for the public and users from time to time.

All content in this informational notice is updated versions of the relevant provisions and policies that will be processed as a document and may be used as an informational notice for the public and might be considered as guidance to the legal general terms and conditions of the business entity, legally registered company or as trademarks of the relevant service may be further published on our company website for informational purposes only.

The manager, director, owner or other authorized person is responsible for the truthfulness of the information and is authorized or authorized to make changes to this content or is able to modify them so that they do not contradict or come in conflict with the good morals of the company.

The information section and its overall content was updated on April 23, 2024, 6:36 pm


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