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In our business known as "SUPERPOBYT" or "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" we have prepared the following conditions as additional supplementary information on the protection of personal data in accordance with the duties and obligations which are relevant to the protection of the good morals of our business which is linked to separate independent business entity such as company UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o. and company call DEMDERAW PRO LTD.

The following part of the conditions contains a contextual part that discloses information and establishes the protection procedures for data, statements, collection, and dissemination of information about our company, where each independent business entity acts individually with the same general terms. All other business policies, information or data published for the public are strictly part of the valid business cover and apply to them both equally.

Using documents, information, data, images and pages that belong to our brand name know as "SUPERPOBYT" or "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" are the services provided and related to them is considered as acceptance of the contract and will be subject to registration as well with the user. At the same time, you also consent to the following principles on the protection of personal data but also with respect to all our business policies where you accept this act in every way, and you will not misconduct data or mislead this information for your benefit which is relevant to travel and tourism.

If you do not consent to these principles, you are not authorized to use verbal expressions, names, business entity or other expressions that could be inappropriate, disrespectful, harmful, damaging to credit to our business or could be also manipulating information content for our brand known as "SUPERPOBYT" or "SUPERPOBYT Travel" or would give rise to a dispute for companies which provide support to our project development growth from all legal aspect are recognize as "UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o.", "DEMDERAW PRO LTD" or otherwise be related to them including majesty service.

Identification Of The Business Brand Provider

The business brand name "SUPERPOBYT" known as "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" is a valid trademark whose creator rights belong to the company "UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o." and "DEMDERAW PRO LTD" where both independently operating business entities have same director "Tomas Smutny" on one common project development.

Both companies are also part of the non-profit organization called "U FOUNDER" which also represents one genuine and unique organization as an ally for long-term partnerships among different business brands with interest towards online business growth, marketing, social activities, travel and tourism.

All mentioned business entities above have the same equal responsibilities in developing and growing this project.

Informative Data Aspect For Public or User

To be able to minimize the impact on our customers, clients and users we have the reserved right to send electronic messages, notifications or any other source of news only to people who have subscribed to our newsletter or are already registered in our system as verified users.

We fully respect all our visitors, clients and customer's privacy because we know that it is illegal to send unsolicited sms, emails or any type of information for marketing purposes without the recipient's prior agreement

Our company or business brand "SUPERPOBYT" also known as "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" will never try to contact you or obtain information from you unless you have contacted us first and permitted us to do so.

Business Administrator and Commissioner

Within our travel and tourism business development, we have two different types of roles which are currently assigned to one person for now. Responsibilities for data monitoring, statistics, handling, reviewing the data process and many other noteworthy acts are permitted to the appointed person "Tomas Smutny" who is also the founder and creator of the whole project development on the international scene.

An essential part of the administrator role is also online customer service via email, live chat, social media networks, online forums or preferably by using telephone calls. Whatever the client's or user's preferences are administrator is always there willing to help or respond to your inquiry.

The duties of the commissioner are slightly different but it is still a very important role in this business as well. The person who is appointed to this position is mainly responsible for the evidence of the bookkeeping, registration process, and data verification process including the right policy content which protects the provider, owner, client and users at the same time.

Announcements and Content Notification

All important announcements including notifications are available only for registered clients or users who have valid and verified accounts within the business brand provider "SUPERPOBYT" also known as "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL".

An exception is given only for membership users who have valid and verified membership accounts with a company "UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o." or "DEMDERAW PRO LTD" to be able to use multiple services via one account for beneficial business usage or their own benefits

Content Data Modification

All information displayed on our domain name or other website services relevant to travel and tourism within our business chain "SUPERPOBYT" also known as "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" might be changing from time to time. This may happen due to the latest law legislation or the particular jurisdiction of the country where the service is provided.

If any changes like this occur we will take action and will do our best ability to adapt to the changes which comply with these changes and make them applicable in the relevant time frame.

Business Brand and Travel Chain Info

Services provided via domain names or websites with the business brand name "SUPERPOBYT" also known as "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" provide several different types of information in the area of travel and tourism.

Our travel services have big integration in many different countries and are recognised all over the world. This is the main reason why our service expansion does not belong among the fastest-growing industries but it still has improvements in place with slow progression.

The business brand was founded by an independent developer named "Tomas Smutny" which in the year 2007 first time begin is developers journey in the World Wide Web. This project development was postponed since the year 2009 due to travel. When the pandemic came along in the year 2019 it also caused us interruption which did not allow us to carry on until the day when our expansion and the funding plan were finally restored and renewed in the year 2022.

Within a few years later he was able to create his first legally registered company called "UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o." and also developed several business brands which helped to expand services and lift the business as well. In the year 2023, we managed to establish another company called "DEMDERAW PRO LTD" in the United Kingdom. At present, there are two different independent business entities which operate in different countries and strongly support business expansion in the area of travel and tourism.

Nowadays all trademarks of this business brand name called "SUPERPOBYT" or "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" and many others not mentioned are still the subject of original creativity delivered by "UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o." and "DEMDERAW PRO LTD" where the creator is known as a person with the name "Tomas Smutny"

Information and Content Update

We reserve the right to change the provisions, principles and definitions of trademark identities relevant to our informational source for the public and users from time to time.

All content in this informational notice is updated versions of the relevant provisions and policies that will be processed as a document and may be used as an informational notice for the public and might be considered as guidance to the legal general terms and conditions of the business entity, legally registered company or as trademarks of the relevant service may be further published on our company website for informational purposes only.

The manager, director, owner or other authorized person is responsible for the truthfulness of the information and is authorized or authorized to make changes to this content or is able to modify them so that they do not contradict or come in conflict with the good morals of the company.

The information section and its overall content was updated on 27.12.2023


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