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In our business known as "SUPERPOBYT" or "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" we have prepared the following conditions as additional supplementary information on the protection of personal data in accordance with the duties and obligations which are relevant to the protection of the good morals of our business which is linked to separate independent business entity such as company UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o. and company call DEMDERAW PRO LTD.

The following part of the conditions contains a contextual part that discloses information and establishes the protection procedures for data, statements, collection, and dissemination of information about our company, where each independent business entity acts individually with the same general terms. All other business policies, information or data published for the public are strictly part of the valid business cover and apply to them both equally.

Using documents, information, data, images and pages that belong to our brand name know as "SUPERPOBYT" or "SUPERPOBYT TRAVEL" are the services provided and related to them is considered as acceptance of the contract and will be subject to registration as well with the user. At the same time, you also consent to the following principles on the protection of personal data but also with respect to all our business policies where you accept this act in every way, and you will not misconduct data or mislead this information for your benefit which is relevant to travel and tourism.

If you do not consent to these principles, you are not authorized to use verbal expressions, names, business entity or other expressions that could be inappropriate, disrespectful, harmful, damaging to credit to our business or could be also manipulating information content for our brand known as "SUPERPOBYT" or "SUPERPOBYT Travel" or would give rise to a dispute for companies which provide support to our project development growth from all legal aspect are recognize as "UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o.", "DEMDERAW PRO LTD" or otherwise be related to them including majesty service.

Secure Booking Process

To be able to make a secure reservation we are recommending you to have a valid and verified account. The following suggestion is made due to track and trace service which provides essential information to keep reservations safe and secure as well. Register users can control, communicate or review their reservations via the dashboard panel and make changes at any time without paying any extra fee to a third party.

This process is a trusted way for both sides between provider and user and it also helps to minimise scams or separate non-verified users from fake reservation or fraud attempts as well. Making secure and trustworthy bookings is very important for us all and very important for people who like to remain protected when it comes to booking holidays or vacations.

In our business, we do everything to the best of our knowledge where security and safety services provided to the public are top priorities in every way. This is the main reason why we are constantly looking for solutions which include several varieties or options, which help us to maintain services and lead us to better services for all our customers.

We also have a backup plan available for our visitors and customers who like to use our reservation system for their holidays. If for some reason you doubt or have a previous bad experience with other providers then we will be pleased to help you at any time. All you need to do is simply use our customer service support or live chat. If your inquiry is urgent, then you can contact us by using telephone numbers and talk to us directly as well.

Payments And Booking Fee

Our services are currently very simplified due to consumer data protection. We take this action for a reason so we can safely monitor the activity of all users, collect data about the actions they take and eliminate scammers or fake user's activity. The booking fee is not applicable at the moment in our reservation system so far because we do believe in fair play trade between provider and consumer. Everything we do now is entirely for your own protection in the first place and make our reservation system as friendly as we can in every way.

Before you pay any fee for your vacation reservation or pay any other fee for a service you would like to use, please contact the provider directly first and check availability if you can. If for some reason you cannot reach the provider please contact our service administrator who will be happy to help you.

Making a reservation for your holiday or vacation you plan can be also done via the dashboard panel in your account so you can have a private talk with the provider or service administrator which we are strongly recommend you to do it that way or use the telephone number directly.

Bear in mind that our business will never require you to pay any fee upfront unless you have requested services via your dashboard panel or made private inquiries about the service you wish to use for marketing purposes. If this is request by you we will issue you an invoice via your dashboard panel and services will be applied when the transaction or payment is successfully paid in full amount. Our business does not cooperate with any third-party service or payment gateway system which is not verified or approved by financial conduct authorities.

If you do not find anything relevant to your case and you have more questions to ask we recommend you use our customer support service or live chat to obtain more information for yourself.

Booking Vacation In Advance

Planning your vacation or holiday in advance is not always a good idea because we all know that a lot of things can change before we get to our favourite travel destination. In our business, we were already considering these facts and made our dashboard friendly for everyone. Using your own account and dashboard will help you to stay in complete control of reservation progress or your payments as well.

Our reservation or booking system is made in a way that allows you to directly communicate with the provider and make or change your request at any time you wish to change a date or make a cancellation request. Everything is done in favour of our provider and users. Any other action between provider and user is subject to mutual agreement so you do not need to pay any upfront fee unless you come to a different or private agreement with the service provider made outside of our reservation system.

The only difference can be made with several other service offers where upfront payment might be required and that is applicable mainly for travel coach parties or tours. We still suggest and advise you to verify and double-check all information for yourself before making payments.

Telephone Reservation Service

The great and unbeaten option to make a booking or reservation with a provider is certainly by using the telephone. This option simply allows you to directly talk with the provider, and check the availability and what is more important is the fact that you always get valid information from first hand.

Even nowadays is still considered as the most secure way and trustworthy exchange service between provider and user. The following options are awesome solutions for ordinary website visitors who are just looking for a very simple way to make a booking or reservation.

If you are only acting like a visitor who is looking for a suitable holiday offer then this solution is perfectly tailored to your needs as well. As an alternative solution, you can also use our customer support service or live chat where you can ask our service administrator for more assistance as well if is required.

Booking Assistant Service

It is considered an assistance service for the public which is provided via customer support service or live chat as well. Only visitors with valid and verified accounts can request this service so we can precisely clarify their own needs, browse their search activity or closely specify reservation requests they have made.

For us is very important to have traceable and clear information about our users and the booking you have made, planning to make or perhaps you consider making a cancellation request. Whatever your request preferences are we would like to know about it so we can provide you relevant help and assistance in every way.

Assistance service with private talks or deals made outside of your personal account or outside of our reservation system is not relevant for assistance service and there is nothing we can do to provide you adequate customer support in this way.

Information and Content Update

We reserve the right to change the provisions, principles and definitions of trademark identities relevant to our informational source for the public and users from time to time.

All content in this informational notice is updated versions of the relevant provisions and policies that will be processed as a document and may be used as an informational notice for the public and might be considered as guidance to the legal general terms and conditions of the business entity, legally registered company or as trademarks of the relevant service may be further published on our company website for informational purposes only.

The manager, director, owner or other authorized person is responsible for the truthfulness of the information and is authorized or authorized to make changes to this content or is able to modify them so that they do not contradict or come in conflict with the good morals of the company.

The information section and its overall content was updated on 27.12.2023


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