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To be able to truly understand our optimal prime development project towards traveling we have created a simple page “About Us” so we have provided information to help you better understand the basic principles of our development workload now.

The main development towards our Worldwide Traveling Gateway is very complex and it also consists of various different domain names routes which we are calling “doors or gateways” for all travel destinations, information, and news we are providing or planning to add as extensions to our progressive development.

Our objectives are getting regularly reviewed so we can fairly adjust our services in fair play for public use as well.

How Our Journey Begin

Our company and business are based on private base development which is a privately self-funded project development base on inspiration and knowledge of our C.E.O. Founder / Director Tomas Smutny. The whole development idea for this project including choosing a business name was created and developed by the same person “Tomas Smutny” since the year 2007 when it all started. 

Creative ideas for this project have been pushed by family members who have provided enough inspiration for traveling. Later on, we have use that inspiration from family members and create something which can be unique, genuine, and easy to remember at the market so we went for the special name SUPERPOBYT. After some time we have improve our name to SUPERPOBYT Travel which we like to promote now more often as we move forward. The meaning behind our business name consist from three different words as follow:

SUPER => represents satisfaction, excitement and happiness
POBYT => represents a sojourn or journey for a place or warm stay
TRAVEL => represents destination, vacation or holiday with friend or family

The following business name mainly consists of simple regular common words and their origin comes from the Slovakian language. During our journey, we have had several interruptions in our development which has postponed our workload and business growth. While we were fighting obstacles in our way we were observing and researching strategies as users, customers, travelers, and developers in the same ways too but we also analyzed the market to try to gain enough benefits for our project growth as well. The covid period has significantly slowed us down to bring this project even further so we were forced to post our development growth once again.

This helps us to better understand certain circumstances but also allows us to learn from them including all past experiences and obstacles which were in our way at that time. We have also discovered new opportunities and ways as we were looking for a new source of expansion to make it even bigger and better in every way. Nowadays we are trying to continue our development and slowly doing our work bit by bit in our business growth expansion now. 

Our Desire For Travel

Traveling is something we have started to do for fun in the first place.
After a few years, we have found traveling as a very inspirational thing to do so every and loves it as well. We are using our own inspiration from previous travel journeys and nowadays we are trying to convert our hobby and passion into something more meaningful for us or perhaps to grow our business as we move forward in every way.

Another important part for us is the fact that we love to travel and plan to see more in the near future. We truly believe and have enough confidence in what we are doing right now and we have good hope in our passion as well. We all know that earning trust on the market is the hardest part of it all and maintaining it is, even more, harder than ever now. We do believe that certain things happen for reason and that is why we see this opportunity as a challenge now.

We are really set with all our vision, goals, and desires for our business brand and that is the main reason why we do everything that we can to keep it real and expand more in every possible way now.


What is our project desire ?

Our project intention is to bring as many service providers to one place where they can choose their preferences on how to promote their businesses and support new and small business owners. Our integrity option should mainly help travel business expansion to grow but what is important to us is to keep it real and fair play to everyone no matter if you small or big business owner.

In our business, we do believe that everyone deserves fair treatment in every way and that is why we like to take time to keep it all level for everyone right now.


What is our main passion for this project ?

We are proud of our passion for travel because we love to discover and see places as we believe that every place in each corner of this world is having something special to offer. Travel is a source of love potion everybody like and we love to use that idea to create a gateway in many possible ways in our project expansion every day.

Our belief is to make a fair contribution which can help many businesses to become more visible and help us to establish trust among all service providers at the market.


What we are planing to do in traveling ?

We love to help small but big business owners to expand their own potential in the market and do something that we love to do in the first place as well. Reducing fees and allowing them to pay for services which day might require only if they business reaches a certain potential and will require extensive promotion. Our aim is to keep fees as low as possible so it can become affordable for everyone in fair ways.

Possibilities in this world are truly limitless and we try to use them in according to benefit our business growth and help others along the way as well.


Our project is focused on Worldwide Traveling Gateway as we are mainly dealing with the real source of information such as promotion, marketing, travel, news, review, and many other relevant connections linked to our development, which we are planning to expand even further now.

News & Info Reviews

The information channel we are created for news and reviews is entirely made for informational purposes to share suggestions for travel. There are many reasons why we have to decide to create different channels and routes in our project development. Some of the will help to obtain sources of information and motivate users to discover and learn more and other channels are made to search for destinations you love to visit with your family, friends, or just by yourself. It may not all make sense right away but as long as you get familiar with all available options you will be able to discover more benefits in the long run for yourself.

Discover New Journey & Shop Online With Us Now

Traveling is something like an everyday journey where we are setting ourselves up for new challenges and new excitement on the way no matter if it holiday or an ordinary route to your daily job.

No matter what sort of daily challenges are waiting for you up there for you with us you can change that opportunity into something more meaningful and get ready for it in advance with us now.

Our Motto For Travel

 ” A journey is a life made for travel which often connects you with satisfaction, inspiration, passion, and love in every way “ 

Horne Prsany 27, Horne Prsany, 974 05 Banska Bystrica, Slovakia| Phone: +44 / 7577 447 393 | Email: superpobyt@superpobyt.sk

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