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Simple introduction about us and our company vision

Who We Are?

"SUPERPOBYT Travel" is an independent company run by "UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o." who provide optimal services and solutions based on public demand.

One of the following solutions within our business also applies to tourism and travel source. We are providing basic and completely free publicity. Our solution is very simple and easy to manage online for everyone. We have also compromised our services and solution so we can better tailor a solution for all users and customers who wish to help to grow their own business.

We are also planning to slowly work on a progressive worldwide traveling portal gateway to be able to provide much more effective solution in the traveling area but also bring cost-effective solution in many ways.

What Is Our Goal?

In our company business, we believe in real and sensible targets which are supported with the white hat techniques based on demand from all our users or customers who use our services.

The primary goal is to make our portal accessible to ordinary people by providing them simple, clean, and fast solution which will help them to find pretty much everything they need for a journey, hiking, or family holiday. We are not competing or trying to be better than other travel portals because we strongly believe in success by using our own solutions and techniques with a slow but gradual innovation process too if it is required. The main service achievement for us is to keep new companies, small businesses, and many others who are currently having struggle due to pandemic support so they catch the right wave.

This is our primary goal for us right now.

What Do We Offer?

We as a travel service provider offering a free solution to help the business grow with the white hat clean method in place. The offer we are giving away for free is base on customer relation and what is more important you have a lifetime free solution in your own hand. All of these options are just perfectly covering you for sensitive data protection including general terms and privacy policy.

We also know that customer relation is equally important to us so as this applies to your own business you try to promote via our travel source chain. We do not ask you any upfront fees or make you pay for something which does not contribute to your business in fairways instead you make that decision by yourself. We give several options and offers you can select whenever is most suitable for your business or yourself.

Do it only when you ready to go forward and together we will dazzle it

Who Is Provider?

We are provider of all independent online services which are operating underneath following brand name "SUPERPOBYT" is private limited company "UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o." which is equally responsible for many other associated services which are linked to them too for long term cooperation. To obtain more information about our business please use following details to obtain more information for yourself:

  • Horné Pršany 27,
  • Horné Pršany,
  • Banska Bystrica
  • 974 05
  • Slovakia


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